What is TEDxBrainport?

Hear ground-breaking ideas from one of the world’s most creative and innovative regions. Get hands-on and experience the power of innovation for yourself. TEDxBrainport combines inspiring talks from visionary speakers with audience participation in a range of activities. We aim to fire your imagination and provide insights that could change your life – at work, at home, in your community.

It’s all about sharing. We want to share the inspirational spirit of Brainport with you. Brainport is one of the world’s top technology regions. It’s a breeding ground for innovation – home to an array of high-tech companies and world-class knowledge and research institutes. Design and creativity are in its DNA too. So it’s no wonder, Brainport is the source of thousands of patents and a constant stream of products and technologies that improve people’s lives everyday.


Joep Brouwer, initiator TEDxBrainportI am currently vice director of an economic development agency. We work together with the manufacturing industries in the south east of the Netherlands, the so called Brainport region, trying to improve the industrial ecosystem that is so important for Dutch economy.

I started out as a Dutch language and literature teacher, but soon got into management. Since the eighties, I have really been into the interaction between technology and people: how does technology change the way we behave, the way we work and the way we live together? Coming from a time when most reports were written with a fountain pen, you can imagine I am having a wonderful time. Still, I am convinced we have seen nothing yet.

In the nineties, I became interested in oral history and the stories people had about what drives and concerns them. A few years later I organized my first event where inspiring people were given a platform to tell their stories. And in 2004, I discovered TED. 

Joep Brouwers
Vice director
Brainport Development N.V.

Arthur Turksma, initiator TEDxBrainportEducated as an architect, I have been 'into the internet' for almost 20 years and have been running triptic, an internet agency based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, since 1997.

The 20+ staff working there develop interactive experiences (sites, intranets, etc.) for mainly larger companies, hospitals and government. Projects range from an interactive digital museum with hundreds of thousands objects to social intranets for thousands of people.

My passion for brainstorming and presenting resulted in my addiction to watching TEDtalks. I co-founded TEDxBrainport in 2011, allowing me to turn my addiction into something useful for the community of the Eindhoven region. I have also mentored several TEDx events in the area.

Arthur Turksma
Online strategist/director

Joep and Arthur are supported by a group of individuals, each part of a renowned company or institute in the Brainport Eindhoven region. Driven by their personal enthusiasm for TED & TEDx, they will do everything to make TEDxBrainport a great success. Read more here: The people behind TEDxBrainport


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