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At TEDxBrainport 2011 an amount of remarkable people filled the stage with ideas worth spreading. Next to that we showed a selection of superb TEDTalks on video. Below is the list of all speakers and performers. We are proud to have had them on stage.

    • Richard Lamb
      Photographer: Dirk Kreijkamp

      Richard Lamb


      Richard Lamb, known from his work as a trend watcher, hosted the evening.

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    • Bert Meijer

      Bert Meijer

      "Why we cannot make life"

      Why is it important to make life? We are quickly using up all natural resources while creating more and more waste. To ensure we can survive on earth in the future, we will need to be able to create simple life.

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    • Mark Post

      Mark Post

      "To satisfy the increasing demand for meat and make its production sustainable, we can and should start to grow meat in the laboratory"

      What do you think about laboratory-made meat? "Yuck" is likely your first reaction. Terms like 'Frankenburger' and 'Lab chops' might spring to mind. So why would we want to create artificial meat?

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    • Margriet Sitskoorn
      Photographer: Ghislaine Vink

      Margriet Sitskoorn

      "Why can we ignore people in need?"

      When Margriet Sitskoorn realised she had ignored a homeless man shivering in the snow while walking back to her hotel after a conference, she felt guilty. How could she have let that happen? In her search for an anwer, she turned to science and ...

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    • Koert van Mensvoort

      Koert van Mensvoort

      Nano Supermarket

      "Nano is small" is too small a statement for Koert Van Mensvoort. Rather, he asks himself: "What can nano mean for our lives?" Van Mensfoort created the nano-supermarket, full of future products that might astound us.

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    • John Körmeling

      John Körmeling

      “How much grass one sees in an open field”

      Interesting mathematics by architect John Kormeling. Imagine you're 1.7 m tall. Looking around, a quick calculation shows that you can see 75 km2 of grass. If you are an architect and your name is John Kormeling, this observation spontaneously leads ...

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    • Gili


      “The ‘sixth sense’ revealed”

      The sixth sense is an illusion. Through his own investigations of the paranormal community, Gili has discovered that there is only one real thing about the paranormal business: money.

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    • Mark Mieras

      Mark Mieras

      "Why we need passion to survive this century"

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    • Simona Rocchi

      Simona Rocchi

      "Design for social empowerment"

      How design changed from "making things more beautiful" to "shaping societal proceses and sustainable solutions for global challenges". Rocchi takes us on her journeys to lower-income regions in India where she was involved in helping entire ...

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    • Bernardo Kastrup

      Bernardo Kastrup

      “Computer, brains and the end of logic”

      How real is reality? Are we all collectively cheating ourselves that the world that surrounds us is real? A bit like the movie "The Matrix" but without machines at the steering wheel. It's this mind-boggling thought that Kastrup leaves the audience with.

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    • Lisa van Nes

      Lisa van Nes

      "She Burns Like Summersun"

      The youngest participant at TEDxBrainport, 16 year-old musician Lisa van Nes, got a spot in the line-up by winning a Facebook contest. Van Nes gets her inspiration and drive from the emotions she can trigger in people with her music.

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    • Sander Veenhof

      Sander Veenhof

      "freeD" - 3D 2.0

      o you want a personal hotline to the Oval Office? Or your own artwork exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)? Sander Veenhof can arrange it for you. Or actually, he already has. With a bit of the guerrila in his talk and in his projects ...

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    • Emile Aarts

      Emile Aarts

      "The liberation of light"

      The incandescent light bulb has been around for more than a 100 years, but its reign is finally coming to an end. According to Emile Aarts, the lighting industry will go through an evolution similar to the developments in computing since the invention ...

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    • Hans Streng

      Hans Streng

      "Innovation and religion... I believe they are at least twins"

      With an unconventional theory referring back to some of the fundamental cornerstones of Hindu religion, Streng explains the relationship between emotion and rationality and between change and structure in the context of innovation.

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    • Nova Borgers

      Nova Borgers

      "Everybody can sing"

      Graduated as a singer/entrepreneur, Nova Brongers shares with us her conviction that everyone with a voice has the ability to sing. "And let's be honest'" she says: "We all sing: be it in the shower or in the kitchen."

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    • Harmke de Groot

      Harmke de Groot

      "Innovating the unknown: a hands-on perspective on open innovation."

      Sharing of ideas and collaboration are common themes at TED and TEDx. Harmke de Groot adds to this discourse with her insights on Open Innovation.

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    • Peter Nagelkerke

      Peter Nagelkerke

      "Traveling between stardust and brain cells"

      Van Gogh’s Brain - "Play it again, Vincent" Ever considered 'listening' to a Van Gogh painting? If not, Peter Nagelkerke's talk, accompanied by Ad Maas on the piano, will certainly convince you otherwise. Did you for example know that Vincent van Gogh...

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    • Freena Eijffinger

      Freena Eijffinger

      "A dream for autism"

      Poetry on stage. Innovative in her projects as well as her way of presenting, Freena Eijffinger gives us insight into the tools she developed to speed up diagnosis of autism. A story straight from the heart.

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    • Lucas Maassen

      Lucas Maassen

      "Singing is the new sitting"

      At two o'clock in the morning, the "singing chair" performance created by artist Lucas Maasen, could not have been a better way to conclude the first TEDxBrainport. Already from when he 'was a little chair', Maassen's singing chair dreamed of being ...

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    • Lorenzo de Rita

      Lorenzo de Rita

      "Building the longest water pipe in the world"

      Lorenzo de Rita's initiative, the longest water pipe in the world, has already brought drinkable water to many people in underdeveloped regions.

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    • Erik Matser

      Erik Matser

      “Master brains”

      In his talk, Matser gives us great insight in his experience on working with exceptional talents.

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