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TEDx Brainport 2012

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We hope you were inspired to do your part in making the future at the second TEDxBrainport event. It was an amazing event and we are glad you were there to take part in it. Everything from the landmark location at the Evoluon, Eindhoven’s symbol of the future, to the passionate speakers, enthralling experiences and the stunning light show that closed the event made it a day to remember.
Organizing TEDxBrainport has been an amazing journey. It simply wouldn't have been possible without all the speakers, the volunteers, media partners, suppliers, sponsors and you, the audience. We would love to hear about your experiences on the day so please write to us at .... We look forward hearing from you.

Watch the talks on
youtube or download the iBook (only for iPad) to relive the evening. And remember to spread the ideas!

Even when the attendees of TEDxBrainport 2012 are not being enlightened by inspiring talks and performances, their senses will continue to be stimulated with additional entertainment, mind-boggling experiences and great food during the breaks.

Dmitry Gelfand & Evelina Domnitch

EDomnitch & DGelfand

At TEDxBrainport 2012 visitors will experience the latest installation of Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnich.

These two artists create sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices. Having dismissed the use of recording and fixative media, their installations exist as ever-transforming phenomena offered for observation. They are recipients of the Japan Media Arts Excellence Prize (2007), and three Ars Electronica Honorary Mentions (2007, 2009, 2011)


Keukengeweld B&WAt TEDxBrainport you will get a look in the kitchen of Keukengeweld. The food dishes are being inspired by the mushroom shape of the building Evoluon. Also, molecular cooking is being used during preparation of the food dishes. Keukengeweld is a catering company. The recipes and food dishes are especially being developed in compliance with customers desires. Main themes are taste, structure or method of preparation. During presentation all the food dishes are being guided by their story.
We will welcome you at the entrance of the Evoluon! Read more


ColliderCollider is a collective of artists and researchers who create new technologies to explore the perception of space. This research results in building installations and giving live performances.
Collider artists Ruud Terhaag and Echonaut will perform at TEDxBrainport with a self developed instrument for live panoramic projections and live surround sound. For the TEDxBrainport event they transform the inspiring Evoluon in a unique way.‘On the threshold of beauty, technology and art synergize’


Valence"Valence" is an interactive visualization controlled by live brainwave monitoring. The game world is an emergent system of attractive and repulsive cells. When the player whose brain activity is being recorded relaxes (or is aroused), the cells in the game world respond...Valence is developed by Tom De Smedt and Lieven Menschaert (Experimental Media Research Group, Sint Lucas Antwerpen School of Arts) and new media artist Ludivine Lechat, in collaboration with Imec (BE) and Holst Centre (NL).
Come and try it out!


PhilipsLighting has usually been sold on its functionality. It lets us see, and it makes things look good. But we are all aware that light affects biological processes and how we feel. Think about how light controls our natural circadian rhythms. People normally use artificial light to counteract those natural rhythms, for example to extend their waking and working hours. Now, with health and wellbeing central to all Philips activities, Philips Research is looking to help people re-connect with the health and well-being benefits of light. We're identifying those benefits and building value propositions for Philips businesses based on them.

In our stand we show two examples of Light for Health and Well-being: the BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch, alleviating muscular back pain, and the bilirubin baby blanket, for treating neonatal jaundice. 


MarblingAlexP creates digital works of art, and has been doing so for over fifteen years. The work presented at TEDxBrainport is called Marbling. It is an interactive installation in which the border between the real, physical world of atoms, and the virtual world of bits is heavily blurred. 

Smart Homes: Care robots

Smart HomesRobots that support you, and help your family to be there for you; this is not science fiction. Design researchers of Smart Homes develop robot concepts and services, and test these with older people and their carers. Working in close collaboration with technology partners on the one hand, and care organizations on the other, they are trying to make and shape the future. 

Currently, Smart Homes is running extensive user tests with two robot companion prototypes; CompanionAble and Mobiserv. The first offers structure and memory aids during the day to people with cognitive impairments, and helps them to stay active. The second robot monitors your physical health and supports your eating, drinking and activity patterns. Next to these primary care goals, both robots try to become a companion and to offer company and stimulation when needed. Read more

Morphing Cutlery

Morphing CutleryImagine a world where the shapes of all objects around you would be able to change on the fly. Envision a future in which nanotechnology and shapeshifting become ubiquitous and blend in with the physical environment of the everyday. One day society might look back on our crude, static appliances and wonder how we survived without programmable matter catering to our needs.

The goal of designer Jeffrey Braun was to explore how to design for a new interaction paradigm, proposed as Morphing Interaction. The design space, the experience of using cutlery, needed to be a specific accepted product or tool used every day, in order to put people in control of nanotechnology and morphing interaction. An example of new technology being introduced through old, familiar things. 

Your food experience by Hutten Catering

Hutten CateringEating is all about awareness and behaviour. When we know everything about the proces and the farmer, we are more consious of what food is good for us. And we eat just as much as we need, so spoil less. Don't waste food.  

Augmented reality Photoshoot

Augmented reality PhotshootDidn't you just love the animated photo's in the Harry Potter books? During TEDxBrainport you can get you own animated photo at the Dutch Rose Media photo studio. Make sure to download the app AdOn from Apple Store or Google Play before you enter a world of magic.
Dutch Rose Media creates innovative augmented reality concepts, where the internet leaves your computer and merges with the world around you. 

Bring city lighting to life

CityTouchPhilips CityTouch gives you the power to make the lighting in your city dynamic, intelligent and totally flexible. The only non-stop lighting management solution for an entire city, CityTouch makes planning, controlling and managing lighting infrastructures simplicity itself. An energy-efficient solution bringing every part of the city to life. 

Negative Lighting

Negative LightingIn a world in which we praise light, we often forget the beauty of shadow. Light and shadow are two intertwined concepts - there can´t be light without shadow, and there can´t be shadow without light. Shadow is created when an object is in front of a light source; or in a broader sense that when comparing surrounding light with the darkness created where it is no light.

Shadow, and darkness, can be as beneficial as we believe light is. Negative lighting, or the conscious creation of dark, I´m able to create a virtual cocoon in which people feel safe, introspective and disconnected to the surrounding environment. This creates a moment of personal feeling that allows the individual to spontaneously reflect on the past, look forward and enjoy the present.

In my installation, the experience of negative illumination accompanies you, simulating an intimate cloud. This cloud, intrinsically attached to you, 'emits' a shadow which allows you to look at your interior and immerse into yourself...  


VerteBraeIt is a ladies top that changes the way it fits the body when the wearer is tensed. It was designed for women working in office environments, sitting at their computers all day and not being aware of the tension they build up in their back. VERTEBRAE provides a non-invasive, non-obstrusive, subtile and fashionable way to get more in touch with your body whilst at work.  



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